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Dongtai QB Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.
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Dongtai QB Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. founded in 1978, QB fastener, member of China Fastener Industry Association, focus on all kinds of M3 to M64 stainless steel standard fasteners and nonstandard fastener according to the customer need. Covering an area of 12600 square meters, QB fastener has 180 facilities and190 staff. With more than 12 million Yuan fixed assets, QB fastener achieved annual production value of more than 26 million Yuan, with net profit of more than 2 million Yuan in 2000.

Having advanced facilities and advanced technology, our products sell well to all over China and more than 20 foreign countries. Our main products: marble stainless steel hanging pieces used in glass wall ,claw pieces,lock head,draw bar and supporting bar series,bolt ,nut, plane collar, spring collar and screw of Britain Standard, Japanese Standard,German Standard,American Standard and China’s National Standard.

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Phone: 0515-85921968
Mobile: 13914669268
Fax: 0515-85523066
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